Wood flooring jargon

What are all the names in the business for wood flooring? Materials Screed: This is often a liquid, such as latex, that is applied and spreads out to create a level surface. When it hardens you are able to lay your floor over it. It’s used to level uneven floors. Damp-proof membrane (DPM): This plastic sheeting is… Read More

What should I look for when buying laminate?

It pays to buy the best quality you can afford. Check out the best places to buy DIY and gardening products. Avoid laminate with a chipboard core because it expands and contracts a lot, and don’t buy any damaged packages where water vapour might have swollen the boards. Look for a fibreboard base with a… Read More

How do I work out how much flooring I need?

The great thing about plank floor coverings is how little wastage there is. Professional fitters can keep this down to just 2-5%. There’s usually around 1,5 sq feet of coverage in a pack. Measure your room and round up to the nearest square metre. Compare this with the coverage stated on the pack, then calculate the… Read More